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Oct 4, 2012 5:30pm EDT
at the ballpark at arlington, where tomorrow they'll take on he texas rangers in a one ame winner who'll face the yankees in the division series... series... and late today, we learned &pwho'll start foo the orioles tooorrow night..buck showalter sayy he's going with veeeran righthhnder joe saunders in the biggest gamne of the pear...he last pitched sunddy, getting his 3rd win for the &pooioles and his 9th overall...he was one of the birds' best pitcherrsdown the stretch...his earned run average just 2.75 in september,,, 3 not exactly a surppiis, bbt bobby valentinn was fiied as manager of the booton red sox today..this less than 24 hours after his club fiiished the year 69-93, their worst reeord n almost 0 years...a master of the bvious, understands the decisioo,,, orioles third base coach demarlo hale is amoog the possibll successoo..he spent coach prior to coming to baltimorr... just a reminder... go to our facebook page... ... paccbook dot com slash ox baatimore to join the discussion.i'll be there tonight at 8... for all things ravens. p much more from texaa with the orioles...
Oct 5, 2012 5:30pm EDT
.it's tonight in arlington, teeas. orioles-rangers.the o's allng most feared american leegue e team...beccuse they got hot... pnd no one eepected a ppst --3 were feared... but ended tte losers f nine of their last 13.that includes the final three games... giving oakland phe a-llwest's one thing about the o's we know... this team doesn't give up when it's close. joe saunders gets the joe saunders gets the start.... he's one of the few on the orioless oster that has post season experience.ffom &phis daysswith tte angels..he' p lefty.... texas has a better record against righties.even though rosters change every year.... saundersshas ever &pbeat texas.... oh-for-six... with a 9-38 e-r-a.none of that matters... what doos... he's p3 updates from 3&parlingtonn..our coors light silver spotllght and high sshool game oo the week... coming up tonight at 10-50 and 11-30... one new yyrk dog one new york dog really proved he was mans best friend. friend.he followed his ownerr scent 2 miles to the hospital to visit him. him.when john dolan was condition...his 7-year-old &phusky "za
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2